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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iPad 2 Pre-orders Available on eBay

Pre-orders are now available. Many of readers are asking now about iPad 2 pre-orders, for who live outside the US or don't want wait in line and need to have the smart iPad 2 ASAP, iPad 2 on Ebay is now flooded with people who appear ready to sell by March 11th.

iPad 2 Full Specs
Finally Apple annouced iPad 2, here's its technical specs directly form the Apple Media Event.

Dual Core processor

33% thinner than iPad 1
Weighted 1.3pound, old iPad was 1.5 pounds

It'll shipped in white too.

Low power consuming as the old iPad, more than 10 hours battery life

The surprise is that it will be shipped very soon, it'll be shipped b March 11st.
It'll be shipped to these countries, starting with the bold ones.

iPad 2 Hands-On [Pics] 2011
The guys over Engaget was successfully able to get hands over the new thin iPad 2, they have noticed some speedier behavior when jumping around, the core OS remains unchanged. Now, feast your eyes on the galleries below.

iPad 2 Official Video
You have to see this, I have just got the official iPad 2 Video, iPad 2 just appeared few moments ago on the official Apple website.

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