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Saturday, April 30, 2011

PSN Database 2.2 Million Credit Cards , Now For Sale

These really are disturbing news, according to RedmondPie, the PSN hacking issue going to be worse. When we know that database containing around 2.2 million sets of credit card details and they are up to sale to the highest bidder, this really horrible.

Unknown hackers are now extorting Sony by offering to sell them back cridet card details otherwise offering them up on underground credit card trading forums.
The really disturbing part of this is the news that these details actually include the CCV security code that until now was believed to be safe. With that code married to the card owner’s name as well as the rest of the card details then the card could be used without a hiccup – news that will no doubt send a shudder down many spines at Sony HQ as well as the70 million plus PSN members who’s data could have been compromised.
Warning : If you own a credit card registered in PSN, please keep an eye on it by online banking services, SMS or any other method (Let your friends know).

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