For the last week the GUAR FORUM has been hacked every other day.
The last last time he hacked the server it self. It seems some little boy got a hold
of some hacking tools. And is playing the fool with GUAR FORUM.

He also hacked the Seeker account so he has access to forum. So he can post
if he wanted to. If he was men enough to tell us what is fucking problem with him and GUAR FORUM.

So all beware that if this fool keeps hacking is no problem, we may loose maybe few hours
and maybe one of two of postings.

Since he hacked the Host it is the Host problem now, not GUAR FORUM.
The Host will provide backups any time we ask.

Little boy d3str0y find some other place to play with you free hacking tools.

PS yes we will again be hacked from this little boy but the most down time we will have is a couple of hours, and maybe missing a few post.