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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For all in situation of NOT knowing currently baseband in the device:

I highly recommend using iFaith to dump SHSH from your phone and create a custom ipsw same version with the existing one in the phone!!!

If that fails for whatever reason there might be a tiny chance to find SHSH on Apple or Cydia servers to fit your needs...

First of all connect your iPhone to computer and put it in Recovery Mode.
Use ECID Grabber (attachment) to get the device ECID. After getting it, copy it to clipboard.
In TinyUmbrella click "Manual ECID". Chose a name in first tab of the little window that opens. In second tab paste previously copyed ECID. In the third tab chose your iDevice type (iPhone3G,....iPhone4...etc). Now click "Create custom device". Your newly created custom device will appear in the left side of TinyUmbrella window in "Custom devices" group. Click on it then hit "Save ALL SHSHs". Give the program some time to communicate with Apple servers and check wheter or not there are SHSHs for your iPhone. After procedure is completed you should check in TinyUmbrella's "Advanced" tab "Request SHSH from Cydia". If you're lucky it might find something there too.

Now that u have some SHSH saved for your device is time to decide which one you'll use to do a custom restore. If we're talking of iPhone4, ANY shsh higher than 4.3.5 version will be USELESS because for now only basebands lower (or equal) then 04.10 are unlockable using Gevey. So...

Hope you're lucky and have those shsh. If yes:
IREB-pawned dfu,
TinyUmbrella-start tss server
iTunes-shift+restore-select coresponding ipsw(stock or sn0wbreeze customized)-restore
You should have a Working phone without any code and with an unlockable baseband.
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