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Friday, December 2, 2011

New Samsung Galaxy S II Commercial Mocks, Yet Again, Apple Fans

Doesn’t matter that Samsung shops feature Apple’s App Store icons on decorative app wall, and the first Samsung Galaxy S 2 ad is a total Apple swagg rip-off. Doesn’t matter that about a week ago, Samsung has released a Samsung Galaxy S 2 ad that mocks Apple fans who wait in line for an iPhone. And it certainly doesn’t matter that the lock screen of the Galaxy S 2 displays an OS X Snow Leopard-ish wallpaper. None of these things matter. And you know why? Because stuff like this only makes the iPhone a star. It’s the biggest target out there and it’s like a trophy to everybody else who thinks that if they better than

Apple/iPhone the spotlight turns on them.
Watch the commercial after the break…

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