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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Windows Utility Allows You to Use AirPlay With Windows Media Center

It’s becoming more and more apparent that AirPlay — Apple’s media streaming technology is here for the long haul.
We’ve seen numerous applications for both the iPhone, the Mac, and even Android devices that in some way or another, massage AirPlay’s functionality to meet their needs.
Throughout all of the fun, Windows has ultimately been left out; that is until now.
Developer Thomas Pleasance made sure of that fact with the recent release of his AirPlay enabled Windows Media Center Add-in…

The screenshots definitely show promise, all 12 of you still running Windows Media Center in your living room should be pleased.

I tried to get this working myself, but unfortunately AirPlay doesn’t want to play nice with my Windows 7 Virtual Machine. I’m sure it would work just dandy on an actual Windows installation.
Have you tried it yet? If not, head over to Thomas’ blog and download the necessary files to get started. You will also need Bonjour installed on your machine if you have not already done so.

AirPlay for Windows Media Center – Beta 1

I’am please to release the first beta of AirPlay For Windows Media Player


Download AirPlay Client for Windows Media Center:

Or from

You also need Bonjour installed first:

First Review:

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