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Thursday, May 26, 2011

SBSettings Offers Faster Method to Manage iPhone Settings

iPhone 3G
Looking for a quicker way to manage iPhone settings such as disabling or enabling features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G etc instead of the usual process of using iPhone Setting's App?
Then you should checkout jailbreak app - SBSettings which is a replacement of BossPrefs. Its offers faster method to manage your iPhone's settings especially if you are using some other app.

SBSettings is a jailbreak application that brings various toggle switches directly to iPhone's home screen that are available in the Settings app. SBSettings is also considered as a replacement for BossPref, which offered similar functions in iPhone firmware 1.x

SBSettings is not like the regular iPhone app that can be launched from the home screen by tapping on its icon. To launch it, you have to swipe on iPhone's status bar or tap the status bar using two fingers. Once SBSettings is launched, you'll see various toggle switches that are available in the Settings app such as Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE, Bluetooth, Brightness etc. Just tap on the switch to disable or enable the feature (Red is "Off", Green is "On"). Isn't that a much faster method to change the settings?

Jailbreak App - SBSettings
That's not all, one of the best features of SBSettings (thanks to the way it can be launched) is that you can launch it from almost anywhere. So you can launch SBSettings not only from your any of the home screens but you can bring it up when you're typing an SMS message or typing an email or even when you're browsing the web using iPhone's Safari browser. As long as you can see the status bar, SBSettings is accessible.

Jailbreak App - SBSettings
Example: SBSettings Launched from iPhone Maps App
You can also customize the toggle buttons that should appear on SBSettings using another configuration app. The developer explains that the reason for creating another app for configuration was to reduce the memory requirement for the app. You need tap the "More" button in SBSettings to launch the configuration app and then tap "Set Toggles" to customize the toggles that should appear in SBSettings.

Jailbreak App - SBSettings
On top of these toggles, SBSettings also lets you easily power off or reboot the iPhone via "Power" button.

Jailbreak App - SBSettings
If you don't like the look and feel of the default SBSettings theme then you can change it using "Manage Themes" in the configuration app. Themes are freely available via Cydia.

Jailbreak App - SBSettings    Jailbreak App - SBSettings
Some iPhone developers have also developed custom widgets that can be installed from Cydia and then enabled so that you can access them using SBSettings. One of my favorite custom widgets is "Processes" which as the name suggests shows you the list of running processes like the Task Manager and also allows you to kill the processes. If you thought you cannot run background apps on your iPhone then it gives you an interesting snapshot of iPhone apps that are running in the background.

Jailbreak App - SBSettings    Jailbreak App - SBSettings
Please note: In case the custom toggles don't show up in SBSettings after installing from Cydia but show up as enabled then disable and re-enable the custom toggle and exit the SBSettings configuration app. The springboard should refresh and the custom toggle should be available in SBSettings.
You can install SBSettings for free using Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone. As I had mentioned earlier, it does not install the application icon on iPhone's home screen like other iPhone apps. You can launch it by swiping on your iPhone's status bar or tapping the status bar using two fingers.
What do you think about SBSettings? Have you used it before? Please lets us know in the comments below.

SBSettings Toggle Allows You To Quickly Enable Or Disable Personal Hotspot Feature

SBSettings Toggle
Personal Hotspot was one of the most useful features introduced in iOS 4.3, which lets you connect other devices to the Internet using the iPhone 4's data connection. But it’s a pain to disable the feature when you don’t need it.
A jailbreak tweak aptly named Personal Hotspot SBSettings Toggle has recently been released that allows iPhone 4 users to quickly enable or disable the Personal Hotspot feature.

SBSettings is one of our favorite jailbreak apps as it offers a faster way to disable or enable settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G etc instead of the usual process of using the Settings App. Developers can also create custom toggles for SBSettings that can be installed from Cydia so that users can access them quickly from SBSettings menu.
Elias Limneos has developed the custom Personal Hotspot SBSettings Toggle, which allows you to enable or disable the Personal Hotspot feature. You can install the custom toggle for free from Cydia using these instructions:
  • Install SBSettings on your jailbroken iPhone 4 if you haven’t installed it already. You checkout this post for more details.
  • Launch Cydia from iPhone’s homescreen.
  • Tap on the Search tab and search for Personal Hotspot SBSettings Toggle.
  • Tap on Personal Hotspot SBSettings Toggle from the search results to install it on your iPhone.
You should now see the Personal Hotspot SBSettings toggle in the SBSettings menu when you swipe your finger on iPhone's status bar.
Tap on the toggle to disable (turns red) or enable (turns green) the Personal Hotspot feature.
As always, let us know if you found this toggle useful in the comments below.

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