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Friday, May 13, 2011

Save SHSH of iOS 4.3.3 and 4.2.8 Using iSHSHit 1.0.8

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Saving SHSH is a big issue for jailbreakers, if you don’t save them on time you can get into some troublesome downgrading. For this we already had TinyUmbrella but now iSHSHit has also been updated to version 1.0.8, it’s an alternative to TinyUmbrella. iSHSHit allows you to save SHSH blobs of iOS 4.3.3 and iOS 4.2.8 (Verizon). It does the same job as TinyUmbrella the difference is you can install it on your device where as TinyUmbrella is installed on your computer.

iSHSHit allows you to make a backup of your device SHSH certificates and save them on your device. It also send your saved SHSH blobs via email, also automatically saves your SHSH blobs on Cydia servers using Cydia On-File service. If you’re thinking “Why should i use iSHSHit? ” well the answer is pretty simple it’s as easy as clicking a “Save” button.

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