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Step 1: Install newest version of iTunes while do not connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad yet.

Step 2: Once installed, run new iTunes for a while then close it.

Step 3: Windows users simply go to folder C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates. Mac users need to locate it. I don' t really sure where it is.

Step 4: Cut and paste files there to somewhere else.

Do not delete them in case the steps does not work for you, you can still copy them back to the folder. You can find out your username by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Step 5: Put your iPhone into DFU Mode

Step 6: Finally, proceed with iOS 5 restore procedure.

Actually there is another way to fix the error on Windows 64-bit using custom iOS 5 .ipsw created with Sn0wBreeze:

Step 1: Go to C:\Users\userAppDataRoaming\Apple\Computer\iTunesDevice

Step 2: Cut and paste files and paste them somewhere else

Step 3: Take the recently .IPSW file created with snowbreeze and paste it on this folder and rename it to "x12220000_5_Recovery.ipsw".

Step 4: Then, go back to itunes

Step 5: Enter DFU mode >> restore >> hold [Shift] to restore >> select the file on the folder C:\Users\userAppDataRoaming\Apple\Computer\iTunesDevice and it will work out.

If you are still bothered by the same issues, try the 2 ways above, hope it is helpful. If you want to know how to install and jailbreak the iOS 5 beta version, you can refer to the previous articles. Please stay tuned.