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Friday, August 19, 2011

iOS 5 beta 6 ipsw - iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G, iPad 2, 1 Download

Apple has just release iOS 5 beta 6 ipsw for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G, iPad 2, 1 in the Dev Center. iOS 5 beta 6 ipsw comes two weeks after iOS 5 beta 5.
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As most of you know that iOS 5 beta 6 also available OTA (Over-The-Air) update

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Download iOS 5 beta 6 ipsw iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G, iPad 2, 1

iOS 5 beta 6 can be installed using over the air software update from devices that have iOS 5 beta 4 or later installed. Over the air software update can be initiated by choosing General > Software Update in Settings.

Direct Download Links of ios5b6+iTunes

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Here are some download links via MultiUpload. Happy downloading!!!
Download via MultiUpload
iOS 5 Beta 6
AppleTV 2G :
iPad 1G : IPSW, DMG
iPad 2 (WiFi) : IPSW, DMG
iPad 2 (GSM) : IPSW, DMG
iPad 2 (CDMA) : IPSW, DMG
iPhone 3GS : IPSW, DMG
iPhone 4 (GSM) : IPSW, DMG
iPhone 4 (CDMA) : IPSW, DMG
iPod Touch 3rd : IPSW, DMG
iPod Touch 4th : IPSW, DMG

iTunes 10.5 Beta 6
Windows 32-bit :
Windows 64-bit : Zip
Mac : DMG

Alternate Link
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iMZDL: iOS 5 & Mac OS X 10.7

iOS 5 beta 6 expires on: Thursday September 29, 2011As expected, Apple has released iOS 5 beta 6 to developers today as the fall launch of the major iOS software upgrade nears.
It will expire on Thursday September 29, 2011

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So what it means for you?If you activated your UDID and installed the beta, keep in mind that the beta has a timebomb attached to it. On August 4, iOS 5 Beta 1 will stop working (meaning that the build will lock you out of the phone). Remember to sync and maintain regular backups of your stuff (which you should be doing anyway).

But can’t the timebomb be deactivated?!
No. That involves modifying lockdown, which would cause it to return an invalid signature on boot and therefore brick the phone. Since we don’t have an iBoot-level exploit for iOS 5, we can’t break the boot chain.

Will I be able to backup my phone after the build deactivates itself?

I’m not entirely sure, but assume that it doesn’t.

Will it make a difference if I have a Wi-Fi only device and just change the date and time?

Sorry, but that won’t work (from experience).

Will iTunes let me restore 4.3.3 back to my iDevice, and will everything still be there?

Yes! If you have your SHSH backed UP!

Why does Apple timebomb builds?

Because you’re not supposed to be using them for productive uses. They’re meant to help developers port their apps to iOS 5.

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