• Antivirus protection
  • Email Scanner
  • Linkscanner
  • Social Networking Protection
  • Do Not Track
  • Identity Protection
  • WiFi Guard

Good news is that you can disable several of the modules that you do not need during installation, so that they won’t be installed along with the core antivirus app. You can block the installation of the AVG gadget, personal e-mail scanner, identity protection and AVG Surf-Shield during installation.
Bad news that the installer contains offers to install AVG Secure Search as the default search provider and the AVG Security toolbar in supported web browsers. To avoid this, select custom install and make sure the items are unchecked before you proceed with a click on next.
First thing you will notice when you start the program is the new user interface that displays the protection status and links to core program features.
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You do find advertisement for the company’s own Antivirus 2013 and Internet Security scattered throughout the interface. About a fifths of the interface is reserved for ads that highlight some of the benefits of upgrading to one of the company’s commercial offerings. AVG thankfully included an option to hide that notification so that it does not get into your way all the time.
You will also find upgrade hints in various modules. The email scanner for instance highlights that spam protection is available in the commercial products on top of the email scanning of the free version.
So what is new in AVG Antivirus Free 2013?
We have previously mentioned that AVG Linkscanner has been discontinued and replaced by AVG Secure Search. The tool is available as a standalone download and also as part of the latest Antivirus free iteration. It is basically Linkscanner plus the AVG Security Toolbar, and – optional – changes to the browser’s default homepage and search provider. You can disable the inclusion by selecting the custom install option.
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WiFi Guard is another new feature, which according to AVG, “helps you avoid rogue Wifi access points used by hackers by alerting you when your PC tries to access such a network”. Windows may connect your PC to a wireless network that you have been connected to in the past if it has the same name, even though it may not be the same network. WiFi Guard will recognize this for you and display a notification so that you have time to disconnect from the network. This module has actually been included in AVG 2012 updates.
Do not track is another feature that AVG introduced in a 2012 lineup update. It informs AVG users about data collected by Internet sites. The feature collects information about ad networks, social buttons and web analytics that you come across on the Internet, giving you options to block some or all of the scripts from your browser to protect yourself from being tracked by the scripts.
AVG Antivirus Free 2012 includes the following additional changes and improvements:

  • Reduced footprint while running when compared to the 2012 release
  • Better detection algorithm
  • File reputation, a cloud based service that improves the program’s detection capabilities

The program is a bit heavy on the notification side of things. You can disable some or all notifications, e.g. scan finished, under Options > Advanced Settings. Here you can also disable the boot time improvement notifications that you may see on reboots or new starts of the system.
Here is a video that is announcing the new version and the thought process behind it.

AVG Antivirus Free 2013 is available as a web installer and offline installer. The web installer has a size of 4 Megabytes and will download the rest of the installation files from the Internet during installation. The offline installer is available as a 32-bit and 64-bit version, with a size of 118 Megabytes and 130 Megabytes respectively, that includes all components and does not require an Internet connection during installation. Both versions can be downloaded on this page.

AVG uses several processes while running. You need to enable Show processes from all users to display them all. Please note that you may have additional or less processes depending on the modules that you have installed with the program:

  • avgcsrva.exe – the core scanning module, server part
  • avgemca.exe – the email scanner
  • avgidsagent.exe – the identity protection service
  • avgnsa.exe – AVG online shield service and resident shield service
  • avgui.exe – user interface, only process running under the user account
  • avgwdsvc.exe – watchdog service

Closing Words

The new interface is definitely a step in the right direction, as are the options to block certain modules from being installed with the program. I’d highly suggest to use a custom install to remove all the security modules and offers that you do not want installed on your system.

Name Version Type Date Size
AVG for Windows
AVG Online Installer
2013.2677 exe September 18, 2012 4 MB
AVG for Windows (32bit)
2013.2677 exe September 18, 2012 114 MB
AVG for Windows (64bit)
2013.2677 exe September 18, 2012 125 MB


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*AVG Internet Security was rated Number 1 in threat detection by AV-Test Org May-August 2010.

What people say

"Downloaded the upgrade version of AVG Internet Security last week. Definitely the best security system in the world. I would recommend it to anyone. Very easy to install and run. Your updates are now done without me knowing, with no 'pop ups' as there was with the older version. Keep up the good work."
Mike McHugh