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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

iOS 6 SHSH Blobs Can Be Saved For Future Downgrade

iOS 6 SHSH Blobs Can Be Saved For Future Downgrade

iOS developer NotCom announced Monday that he had updated the jailbreak utility TinyUmbrella to version 6.00.00 with extended support to Apple TV on iOS 5.0.2 and iOS 6.0 support (including betas) to all supported iOS devices.

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At Apple's media event in San Francisco on Wednesday, the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer company announced the newest mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod -- also known as iOS 6 -- will be released as a free update to iOS users two days prior to the launch of the iPhone 5, on Wednesday, Sept. 19. The iPhone 5 will release this Friday, Sept. 21. There are more than 200 new features coming to iOS 6. Here, we do our best to outline all of the biggest features right here for you.
TinyUmbrella allows users to save their iOS device's SHSH blobs (Signature HaSH blobs) in order to downgrade iOS versions at a later date. Therefore, those who are waiting for the iOS 6 jailbreak in future must download the new version of TinyUmbrella and save their SHSH blobs.

"I've updated TU for apple tv 5.0.2 (sorry for the wait!) as well as all of the iOS 6 betas. I've had to change the way the OSX app is packaged," NotCom said in his blog post.

"So now it is a simple zip but you will have to give your admin password at the irst launch."

An SHSH blob is a signature file, used against the Apple server to downgrade a device to an earlier version of iOS. After Apple releases the iOS 6 update, if any user upgrades his device to the latest built, these saved SHSH blobs will help downgrade the firmware. Without these SHSH blobs, users won't be able to downgrade to old ipsw to re-jailbreak the iOS device (if exists), according to Cydia Blog.

Here are the steps to follow to save iOS 6 SHSH blobs:

Step 1: Download TinyUmbrella v6.00.00b.

Mac OS X


Step 2: Connect the device to a PC or Mac via USB.

Step 3: Double click on the ".dmg" file to mount it and drag the Umbrella app from the mounted dmg into your Applications folder. After that, double click the Umbrella app to launch it.

Step 4: Enter administrative username and password. TinyUmbrella will then detect the type of device and its firmware.

Step 5: Click the "Advanced" tab and uncheck "Set Hosts to Cydia on Exit" and "Request SHSH from Cydia".

Step 6: Now hit the "Save SHSH" button.

[Source: Cydia Blog]

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