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Saturday, June 25, 2011

How To Transfer Old Data And Apps From iPad 1 to iPad 2

Got your iPad 2 and thinking about a way to transfer your old data and apps from your previous iPad? I think we’ve got a solution for you then.

Follow step by step guide below to transfer all your data and apps from iPad to your new iPad2.
Things you will need during this process:
Step 1: Connect your old  iPad to your computer (PC/Mac)
Step 2: Launch iTunes
Step 3: The Sync process should start by itself. If it does not, you can always click the Sync button
Step 4: Disconnect  your original iPad and connect your new iPad2
Step 5: Register your iPad if it asks you to
Step 6: iTunes will ask you to set up iPad 2 as a new one or restore from a backup, go for the second option
Step 7: Select the back-up we made earlier in this guide
Step 8: iTunes will restore the latest backup on your iDevice. Once the restore is completed, your iPad will reboot.
Step 9: When your new iPad2 will restart,  iTunes will re-sync the iDevice and install any and every apps and games you had on the original iPad.
Step 10: Enjoy your iPad 1′s games, apps and data on your new iPad 2.

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