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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Do you want to help out developers? Got a broken device? or [ UnBrickable ] iPhone 4, iPad, Samsung,

by AdamOutler - Recognized Developer [ XDA Developer ]

if you can sacrifice the iPhone4 board and the iPad board, then I can remove the processor, get the proper modification documented, and we can move on from there with uploading unsecure code. The first part is to get the device into S5PC110 USB download mode.... this is several levels lower in the boot sequence then the DFU mode (SBL) which is used to reload Apple Software... Apple can patch over jailbreaks, but once we have this, then there's nothing Apple can do.

It is likely that we already have the proper interceptor bootloader ready. Rebello's HIBL may already work with it. The only question is if they have a funky sort of different signature check, in which case it may be necessary to disassemble the firmware and rewrite a HIBL. This is beyond me, however Rebellos is good with this type of stuff.

Send a pm to me.

Also, we are only interested in the devices on the list. The 3/3g/2/original devices are not going to work with this particular mod.. Maybe newer devices.

I'm not paying a dime. If you want this modification brought to your platform, then you can fork up the hardware and ill send it back when the work has been completed.


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SAMPLE: Samsung UnBrickable

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