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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II Has the Fastest GPU in any current Smartphone

Anandtech has found some interesting and great features in Samsung Galaxy s 2, it is said that it is the first smartphone which is comprising GPU ( graphic processing unit) it consist of Mali 400 core processors, Samsung engineers find out the chip solution for the handset, and they call it Exynos 4210 and it also consist of Cortex A-9 cpu core and Mali 400 GPU which is consist of four cores.

Anandtech has also said about its performance that its 1.2 ghz quad core and Exynos 4210 wont comparable even with iPhone 5 because it will be having the same processor A5 chip as in I Pad 2.

There's no official news about features and upgrades of iPhone 5 yet but it's likely that iPhone 5 will have more faster GPU than Samsung Galaxy S II which currently clocks the fastest GPU in smartphones.

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