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Some changes have been made in Sn0wbreeze v2.8b8, now it will verify IPSW files very quickly and believe me it’s really fast. Snowbreeze 2.8B8 will jailbreak all your iOS device and this jailbreak will be tethered, which means you’ll have to boot your iOS device in jailbroken state using iBooty every time you reboot.

If you don’t know about Sn0wbreeze it’s a custom (pre-jailbroken) firmware builder for Windows as Pwnage Tool is for Mac.
Sn0wbreeze v2.8b8 Release notes:

sn0wbreeze v2.8b8 [GM] – Release Notes
* INSTANT IPSW detection (seriously!).
* Now jailbreaks iOS 5 Gold Master (9A334).
* UDID Developer check removal is no longer needed.
* Still has the ability to hacktivate.
* Still preserves the baseband (as always!).
Tethered Boot?
* iPhone 3GS (old bootrom)………NO
* iPhone 3GS (new bootrom)……..YES
* iPhone 4 (GSM)………………YES
* iPhone 4 (CDMA)……………..YES
* iPod Touch 3G……………….YES
* iPod Touch 4………………..YES
* iPad 1G…………………….YES
Follow these instructions to jailbreak iOS 5 GM on your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 4G, and iPad 1 using Sn0wbreeze 2.8b8.

Things you will be needing during this process:
  • iOS 5 IPSW (Download from here)
  • iTunes 10.5 (Download from here)
  • Sn0wbreeze v-2.8b8 (Download from here)
How To Preserve Baseband And Jailbreak iOS 5

Step 1: Extract and run (Windows Vista or Windows7 users must start the application in Administrator mode. To do so, right click mouse button on the icon and selecting “Run as administrator”
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Step 2: Connect your iPhone 4, 3GS or iPod Touch to your PC via USB.
Step 3: Click “Browse” button and select iOS 5.0 GM firmware (IPSW) which you downloaded earlier, you can also drag and drop .IPSW file on the given area.
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Step 4: Sn0wbreeze will automatically verify the .ipsw file and the device which is required to be jailbroken. Sn0wbreeze will check the firmware if it is correct. Once the iOS 5 IPSW is verified, click the blue arrow button to continue.
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Step 5: Sn0wbreeze will give you option to select either “Simple Mode”, “Expert Mode” or “Baseband Preservation Mode” . Select ‘Simple Mode’ and press the blue next button
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Step 6: Click ‘Build IPSW’. Since building custom firmware may take some time, you can optionally play Pac-Man game to kill some time.

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Step 7: After completion press ‘OK’ button to follow the onscreen instructions to put your device into restorable state.
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To enter DFU mode:
  • Hold Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds
  • Now release the Power button but continue holding the Home button for 10 more seconds
  • You device should now be in DFU mode
If you have followed the steps correctly, you will get the following message from Snw0breeze
Restore iOS 5.0 Custom Firmware Using iTunes
Start iTunes, click on your iOS device icon from the sidebar in iTunes. Now press and hold Left “Shift” button on the keyboard and then click on “Restore” (Not “Update” or “Check for Update”) button in iTunes and then release this button.
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Select the pre-jailbroken custom IPSW that was created (must be on your desktop) and click the Choose button.
Now relax and wait iTunes will do the rest for you. iPhone will restart on completion of firmware installation.

Booting In Tethered Mode:

Step 1: Open iBooty 5.0 folder which was created on your desktop and run iBooty 5.0
Step 2: Select your device and follow the instruction on screen to boot in tethered mode.

Happy Jailbreaking!!