With success and easy way as usual Thanks to DEV Team on the new Release of Redsn0w 0.9.9b4

Notice This Untreated Jailbreak ONLY FOR 3GS old Bootrom, if you want to know if your boot room old or fixed new,, u can find it from the serial No.

My the first 5 digital are 87939, it mean My are week 39 of 2009, check this before you work, all Iphone 3Gs from week 40 and bellow are old bootroom.


update your 3GS with stock ipsw 5 with itunes ( if you are on factory unlock)
user with Ipadbaseband,, update with custom IOS 5 ( where no BB update include

after that run redsn0w and selct the original ios 5 and jailbreak ( at question ur bootrrom old or new ( Choice No, )

after finish, your iphone will restart and cydia will be white logo,, dont worry

run redsn0w again and choice just boot under extrs,,
cydia will be fine,,, install it and thats all, you have unthreated jail break.

AGAIN, ONLY 3GS Oldbootroom, it will not work to 4, or 3gs new bootrrom.