With Cyder, you can install aplications, (or unlock without wifi) on jailbreacked iphones , without internet or cydia, just put your *.deb aplications on archive Folder, and their appear for install on your iphones.-
the latest version of itunes make probs, using cyder, the files here have solved this problem

You need update itunes to last 10.5 version first!!

Hello everyone !
I remember when I first got my iPodClick here to enlarge touch 2G, I didn’t have a Wi-Fi connection. So obviously I was irritated that I couldn’t download any Cydia apps.
Well, I chanced upon Cyder at the time ! And it was great, but it was a bit rusty, had a few bugs and crashed often.
However, it's been a while since Cyder 2 has released and it has none of the problems the original Cyder had. So I think it’s only fair that I should write a tutorial on how to use it.

Cyder 2 is a revamped version of Cyder, a program that lets you browse, download and install the various packages from Cydia sources to your iPodtouchClick here to enlarge/iPhone. It is extremely useful for people who don’t have Wi-Fi.

You will need the following :
-Jailbroken iPod touch/iPhone with Cydia
-USB cable
-Cyder 2 [Download Link 1] [Download Link 2]
-SSH Program like WinSCP,iFunBox [OPTIONAL]

How do I use it ?
1)Plug in your iDevice via USB cable
2)Open up Cyder 2
3)You would see the following Tabs on top of the windows – Sources, Packages, Downloads, File Manager,Settings

SOURCES-Add Cydia Sources here

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1)If you don’t see sources already click “Get sources from Cydia”. You can also add sources by right clicking. You can transfer the sources over to Cydia and also import installed packages via the buttons.
2) Here is a list of the default Cydia sources:

PACKAGES-View Cydia Packages here (Via sources added)

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1)You can scroll through a list of packages, or filter them by Source, Section or Modified. You can also Search for packages here.
2)When you select a package (e.g. Winterboard) you can view its details. You can see its dependencies, source, author etc.
3)Download a package by right clicking and choosing to either download only that package or the package and its dependencies. It is preferrable to always download with dependencies.

DOWNLOADS-Download Cydia Packages

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1)You can see all packages that are chosen to be downloaded from the Packages section.
2)There is a thumbnail at the right of each package indicating that the package status. [Grey Box=Not Downloaded , Blue Arrow=Downloading, Yellow/Orange Box=Downloaded]
3)You can choose to download whichever packages you want here by right clicking again and choosing from the options.
4)In case you did not choose to Download with dependencies, you can even add the dependencies of a package on this screen.

FILE MANAGER-Manage Downloaded Packages

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1)You will see all the packages you downloaded earlier in this tab.
2)You now have the option to either transfer them into Cydia’s Cache , Cydia’s AutoInstall or the AppCake Folder.
3)I prefer transferring to Cydia’s AutoInstall as transferring Cydia’s cache has proved a bit unreliable for me. You can also transfer them into the AppCake folder to install via AppCake
4)To install the packages, drag them into Cydia AutoInstall.
5)Close Cyder 2.
6)Reboot iDevice !
7)Respring iDevice
8)In case the package does not install still try Rebooting and Respringing once more.

SETTINGS-The Control Panel

1)You won’t need to go much into settings and I barely (NEVER) use it.
2)You can use a proxy for transferring packages, edit confirmation messages and check compatibility. (Nothing Great)
3)As I said before you do NOT need to bother about Settings.

THE “Cyder2” Folder

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1)The Cyder2 Folder is what you get after you unzip the Cyder2 zip file.
2)In the event that Cyder is unable to install a package for you, you can always obtain the .deb file of that package from this folder.
3)Just navigate to Cyder2/archives for all the .deb files you have downloaded via Cyder.
4)You could now SSH into you iDevice and transfer it to AutoInstall(/var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall) or install via iFile etc.

Jump for Joy ! Kiss your iDevice !
You can now say "Muahahah Wi-Fi I don't need you !"

Thanks for reading guys !