WARNING, Starting week 127 Apple has started using a NEW BASEBAND CHIP made by TOSHIBA. If you try flashing 6.15 Ipad baseband it totally erases the chip with the unwanted side effect of erasing imei, bt, wifi. As far as is known this only effects the 8gig GS. What to look for? S/N xx127xxxxxx and above. BE WARNED.

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up or downgrade ios or jailbreak or redsn0w is no problem, problem is bb flash to ipad bb6.15 . it will kill 3gs 135 and up confirmed and maybe as 1st post even 127 and up. and it does not matter what u do 1st, 5.01 or 4.1 or jailbreak 1st or after, once u trouble the bb with 6.15 then good bye.
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