So there is another great option in most of Huawei new HSDPA modems (In cheaper models too) . Today I will show you how to actviate voice calling feature hidden on your huawei medem. I have used E156G and it works on this models too. Huawei E156 / E156B / E156C / E156G
First of all you need to download this piece of small software to check if your modem suports voice calls ( No matter if the feature disabled in factory settings we are going to activate it. So its worth to check)

Download it here-
And run it after installing.Make sure to exit Mobile partner otherwise the software wont detect the HSPA modem. And after opening it click scan. it will then display the details of the plugged huawei modem like this-

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Look there is a option called Voice Feature. In this screen shot it shows enabled because I already enabled it. In your computer it will show Disabled if your have voice calling option if not it will show Not supported.

So if your software shows Voice Feature – Disabled then its the time to enable it. Click the option called Server in the DC-Unlocker software. It can unlock your locked modem too but it require 20 euros. But it doesnt require money to enable voice feature.
In the user name and password field enter these-
Username- Free
Password- Voice

Then click “check login”. SO DC-Unlocker will login free to unlock voice feature. Like this-

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Then browse to “Unlocking” section of DC-Unlocker client and click “Activate Voice”. then it will unlock your voice calling feature! Click here to enlarge

Wait there some other things to done in software section too. You need to update to Voice calling version of mobile partner software because 95% of modems come without voice calling Mobile partner version. Download the voice calling version here-

Warning you are going to flash your Huawei modem with this new version. your current connection profile settings will be lost because of new update. And always remember to update the firmware in a steady power sourced computer. Because if your computer gets stuck or powerloss when updating firmware ( which will take 5~15mins) your modems firmware will be corrupted. So be sure you have steady power source to use with your computer when flashing.

After downloading the New Mobile Partner firmware run it and it will update your current firmware. Voila you have new Mobile parnter with voice calling feature like this!

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