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Saturday, February 12, 2011

BlackBerry® Rove Mobile SSH Now Available Free in App World

The most popular SSH/Telnet client software for BlackBerry® is back! 
Mobile SSH is now available from Rove for the latest BlackBerry smartphones.

rove mobile ssh
A long time ago Rove offered a great mobile SSH product which was taken down and then much later offered on App World. The product is now available free to download through App World and offers some great features to boot. The Rove Mobile SSH client connects to: Unix and Linux machines, IBM mainframes, AS/400 and iSeries and routers and switches.
- Unix and Linux machines 
- IBM mainframes
- AS/400 and iSeries
- Routers and switches


- Telnet
- SSH1 and SSH2 for secure access
- SSH2 public key authentication for enhanced security
- User-definable shortcut keys
- VT100 terminal emulation
- IBM 5250 terminal emulation
- IBM 3270 terminal emulation

Documentation for Rove Mobile SSH can be found at
Would you like to manage more of your IT infrastructure with your BlackBerry smartphone? 
Visit and learn all about Rove Mobile Admin.

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