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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TuneAid.v3.74-CRD --- Crack

Copy your iPod music
Transfer your music to iTunes
or any folder on your computer.

Copy your movie files

Copy Music Videos and Movies.

Recover music files

Rescue your music from a computer crash or theft. Salvage a corrupted iPod !

Works with iPod, iPhone, iPad

TuneAid copies music from any Apple mobile device.

Avoid duplicates

TuneAid prevents dupes when copying from iPod to iTunes.

Copy your own music: it’s fine

Copying your own files is not a law infrigement in any way.


iTunes 10 and iPhone OS 3.x to iOS 4.x.
Works with or without jailbreak
TuneAid.v3.74-CRD --- Download

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