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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CDMA and GSM iPhone Features Comparison List

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Due to different wireless carrier’s networks, CMDA Verizon iPhone 4 features behave differently from the AT&T GSM iPhones. Apple has summarized on how to use various features including call waiting, call forwarding, and conference calls in both CDMA and GSM iPhones. Here is the comparison chart which shows the feature list and how to enable / disable them in both the iPhones.

CDMA iPhone 4 model does not support the following settings and features:

  • Enabling a SIM PIN
  • Importing SIM contacts
  • Selecting a carrier network or editing an APN
You can compare the prices, features, Data plan , WiFi and more between Verizon iPhone and AT&T iPhone here .

Verizon iPhone 4 has now launched giving competition to AT&T iPhone 4. Which one to buy? AT&T iPhone 4 or Verizon iPhone 4? Before taking a decision you just have a look at the comparison between both the models. Here is a chart comparing the prices, features, Data plan , WiFi and more between Verizon iPhone and AT&T iPhone.
verizon iphone4 vs att iphone4
Apart from this, it is speculated that Verizon iPhone will not have antennagate issue as in AT&T iPhone 4. Personal Hotspot is also expected to come in iOS 4.3 in current iPhone 4.

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